Dobbs County 1769 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1769 census in Dobbs County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

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Surnames A-D

Thomas Abbott
James Adair
Andrew Addams
Thomas Aldridge
Benjamin Alford
William Alford
Robert Allen
John Andrews
Thomas Andrews
William Andrews
John Apple
William Arandal
John Argo
John Atkinson
Ambrose Avis
Charles Aycock
Thomas Aycock
William Aycock
William Ayler
Nathan Baggett
Abraham Baker
Elijah Baker
John Baker Sr
Rubin Baker
James Bale
Henry Ball
Mark Ball
Moses Ball
Elias Ballard
John Ballard
John Ballard Jr
Ennis Bann
John Bard
George Bardin
Jacob Bardin
James Bardin
Jesse Bardin
John Barefoot
James Barfield
Richard Barfield
Richard Barfield Jr
Sarah Barfield
Thomas Barfield
William BArfield
Elias Barganon
John Barley
Thomas Barley
John Barnes
Samuel Barnes
James Barnet
William Barnet
Simon Barns
Joshua Barit
David Barron
William Barron
Simon Barrow
Taylor Barrow
John Barrs
Joshua Barwick
William Barwick
James Basil
Aaron Bass
Andrew Bass
John Bass
Matthew Bass
Richard Bass
Wright Bass
Mary Batchelor
William Batchelor
Woody Batcher
Daniel Bates
James Bavi
Francis Bazel
William Belfare
George Bell
John Bell
William Bell
William Bell Jr
Thomas Bennett
William Bennett
John Bennit
Marlin Benson
William Bentley
Aaron Benton 
Francis Benton
Francis Benton Jr
Joseph Benton
John Berrydon
Benjamin Best
Benjamin Bett
William Bett Sr
John Bird
Joshua Bird
Nathaniel Bird
Richard Bird
Richard Bird Jr
John Bizzell
Thomas Bizzell
Stephen Blackman
James Blunt
Moses Boget
William Bond
Cornelius Boon
Thomas Boon
Boresd Bordin
John Borfield
Ralph Bowman
Arthur Boyce
William Boyer
Absolam Boyit
Dread Boyit
Edward Boyit
Edward Boyit Jr
George Boyit
James Boyit
Josiah Boyit
Thomas Boyit Jr
Thomas Boyit Sr
Drewry Boyken
Benjamin Boykin
Thomas Boykin
Thomas Bracker
James Bradberry
Shadrach Bradford
John Bradley
William Bradley
Arthur Branch
John Branch
Randall Branch
Thomas Branch
William Branch
John Brand Jr
Richard Branwell
Richard Branwell Jr
William Branwell
Benjamin Braton Jr
William Brazil
William breeton
Benjamin Breton Sr
John Brewer
James Bright
Simon Bright
Simon Bright Sr
George Brinson
Simon Britt
James Broadaway
Joseph Brock
Jesse Brookes
John Brookes
John Brookes Jr
Bridgman Brookins
George Brotbury
James Brown
Janson Brown
Jeremiah Brown
John Brown
Thomas Brown
John Bruten
David Bryant
John Bryant
Samuel Buchannon
William Budger
James Bunn
William Burck
Thomas Burk
John Burley
Abraham Bush
Bib Bush
Bibby Bush
Richard Bush
Thomas Butcher
Elisha Butler
James Butts
Lewis Byers
Stephen Cade
Waddell Cade
James Cahoon
James Caleste
George Calor
John Calor
James Cannon
William Caps
Thomas Caraway
Adam Carraway
Barret Carraway
Elijah Carraway
Henry Carraway
John Carraway
John Carraway Jr
Joshua Carraway
Thomas Carraway
Edward Carter
Elizabeth Carter
James Carter
John Carter
Micajah Casey
Benjamin Caswell
Martin Caswell
Richard Caswell
Moses Childs
James Clark
John Clark
William Clark
Robert Clemmon
Cowzins Clemmons
Jesse Cobb
Stephen Cobb
David Codgell
Francis Codgell
Margaret Codgell
Nathaniel Coker
Robert Coker
Solomon Coker
Thomas Coker
John Cole
William Cole
John Collier
James Collings
John Collins
Daniel Conner
Francis Conner
Lewis Conner
Benjamin Cook
Elimilech Cook
Jonas Cook
William Cook
Spencer Cordwell
Benjamin Cotten
Ephraim Cotton
John Cotton
John Court
Francis Coventon
Edward Coward
Edward Coward Jr
Elisha Coward
Ezekiel Coward
James Coward
John Coward
Nathaniel Coward
Needham Coward
William Coward
Andrew Cox
John Cox
John Cox Jr
Marmin Cox
Micajah Cox
Moses Cox
Richard Cox
Solomon Cox
Thomas Cox
Arthur Coxe
Thomas Coxe
Thomas Coxe Jr
John Craftchans
Hardy Crawford
Robert Crawford
William Crawford
John Creal
Benjamin Creech Jr
Benjamin Creech Sr
John Creech
Jesse Croom
Major Croom
Isaac Crow
William Crow
Toney Cuffand
Benjamin Curl
William Curlee
Thomas Dale
William Dale
Isaac Daniels
James Daniels
john Daniels
Nathaniel Daniels
Thomas Daniels
Benjamin Davis
James Davis
James Davis Jr
John Davis
Joseph Davis
Josiah Davis
Mary Davis
Ralph Davis
Samson Davis
Thomas Davis
Hinds Dawson
Joel Dawson
Joseph Dawson
William Dawson
Richard Dean
David Denny
Joel Dickinson
Shadrack Dickinson
James Dinkins
Jeremiah Dismond
John Dismond
Murphy Dixon
Barefoot Dock
John Dock
Jacob Dolree
Thomas Dolree
John Dougherty
Elisha Downing
George Downing
Joseph Downing
John Drew
Jacob Duck
Jacob Dunn
Samuel Dunn
Susannah Dunn
John Durdins
John Durdins Jr
Richard Durdins
William Durdins

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