Dobbs County 1769 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1769 census in Dobbs County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

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Surnames E-H

Henry Edmonds
Benjamin Edwards
John Edwards
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards Jr
Jacob Elliott
John Elliott
Absolam Ellis
Joel Ellis
William Ellis
Robert Elva
Joseph English
Francis Ervin
John Ervin
Richard Ervin
Robert Ervin
David Evans
Isam Evans
John Evans
Joseph Everit
James Falkner
John Fanning
Mills Farfeet
John Farrell
John Faulk
Richard Faulk
Moses Faulks
William Fellow
James Ferguson
Joseph Ferguson
Brittle Fields
David Fife
James Floyd
John Floyd
Samuel Floyd
Thomas Floyd
Moses Foamhide
Abner Foot
Thomas Foot
William Forcecloth
William Forcecloth Jr
James Foreham
Francis Fountain Jr
John Fulgum
Michael Fulgum
Rayford Fulgum
James Gardner
Lewis Gradner
John Garland
Joseph German
Frederick Gibble
Timothy Goodman
Henry Goodsman
Thomas Grace
John Graddy
William Graddy
John Granger
Thomas Granger
William Grant
Edward Grantham
James Grantham
John Grantham
John Grantham Jr
Joshua grantham
Thomas Grantham
William Grantham
John Gray
Lodwick Gray
Silvences Gray
Joseph Green
Benjamin Griffin
Major Griffin
Major Griffin
Simon Griffin
George Grimes
Jacob Grise
Benjamin Hale
Edward Hale
Hall Hale
Thomas Hale
James Hall
John Hall
Pool Hall
Henry Ham
William Ham
William Ham Jr
Guy Hamilton
Robert Hamilton
John Handley
John Hanes
Epaphroditus Hanks
John Hanks Jr
Matthew Hanks
James Hanly
John Harding
Benjamin Hardy
Emanuel Hardy
Thomas Hardy
Peter Hargate
Alexander Harper
Francis Harper
George Harper
John Harper
William Harper
Joseph Harrell
Thomas Harrington
James Harris
Joseph Harris
John Harrison
Okey Harrison
Richard Hart
Paul Hartfield
John Hartsfield
Abraham Haze
George Haze
Samuel Hearon
Daniel Hedgepeth
John Henderson
James Herbert
Richard Herd
Elizabth heritage
]John Heritage
James Herman
Arnwell Heron
John Herrell
George Herriman
Ann Herring
Arthur Herring
Benjamin Herring
Frederick Herring
Jacob herring
James Herring
John Herring
Joseph Herring
Joshua Herring
Matthew Herring
Michael Herring
Simon Herring
Solomon Herring
Thomas Herring
Antony Herron
William Hicks
Vaughan Hilburn
Edward Hill
Francis Hill
Robert Hill
William Hill
Francis Hillard
Charles Hinds
Isaac Hinds
James Hinds
Rubin Hinds
Solomon Hinds
William Hinds
Aaron Hinson
Jesse Hinson
Joseph Hinson
Moses Hinson
John Hobbs
Francis Hodges
Francis Hodges Sr
John Hodges
Joshua Hodges
Richard Hodges
Benjamin Holdon
David Holdon
Elisha Holland
Henry Holland
James Holland
John Holland
Moses Holland
Thomas Holland
Samuel Holliman
Simon Homel Jr
Charles Homes
Charles Homes Jr
Edward Homes
James Homes
John Homes
Thomas Homes
Timothy Homes
William Hood
Thomas Hooke
Haymark Hooker
William Hooker
Jacob Hookes
William Hooks
Andrew Hopkins
James Hopkins
Robert Hopkins
Charles Hopton Jr
Charles Hopton Sr
John Hotson
John Hotson Jr
Joshua House
William Houston
Samuel Howard
Daniel Howel
John Howel
Osborn Howel
Thomas Howel
William Howel
John Howell
Joshua Howell
William Howell
John Hudles
Thomas Hughs
Chambers Humphrey
Miles Hutchins
Robert Hutchins

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