Dobbs County 1769 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1769 census in Dobbs County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

© April 2008  Diane Siniard. These pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization. Non-commercial organizations desiring to use this material must obtain the consent of the transcriber prior to use. You may however use the information in your own research.

Surnames I-L

Jacob Ingram
David Jernigan
Isabel Jernigan
Jesse Jernigan
Joshua Jernigan
Thomas Jernigan
James John
Moses John
Isaiah Johnson
Jacob Johnson
James Johnson
John Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Mary Johnson
Martin Johnston
Isreal Joiner
David Jones
Frederick Jones
Griffin Jones
Hardy jones
James Jones
Jesse Jones
John Jones
Richard Jones
Samuel Jones
Theophilus Jones
William Jones
Charles Jordan
Frederick Jordan
James Jordan
John Jordan 
Joseph Jordan
John Keatley
Joseph Kelley
John Kennady
Gilbert Kerr
Moses Kerr
Andrew Killet
William Killet
William Kilpatrick
Thomas Kinney
Samuel Kinsey
Humphrey Kirby
Abraham Lamb
Hardy Lamb
Jacob Lamb
Isom Lane
Jethro Lane
Thomas Lane
Absalom Langeston
George Langeston
Jacob Langeston
Mace Langeston
Francis Lanston
James Lawson
James Lawson Jr
John Lawson
James Lawton
John Lawton
Arthur Lee
David lee
James Lee
Lazarus Lee
Needham Lee
Timothy lee
Anthony Lewis
Jacob Lewis
James Lewis
Stephen Lewis
James Lindsay 
John Lindsay
John Linton
Isaac Little
James Little
Thomas Little
Daniel Lofly
Bennie Loftin
Elknah Loftin
Francis Loftin
John Loftin
Leonard Loftin
David Lovet
John Lovet Jr
Moses Lovet
Cornelius Lynch

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