Dobbs County 1780 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1780 census in Dobbs County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

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Surnames A-D

Thomas Abbott
Drewry Aldridge
John Aldridge
Thomas Aldridge
William Aldridge
Drewry Andrews
John Andrews
William Andrews
Robert Argom
Nathan Arrendall
William Arendall
William Arrendall
William Aycock
William Ayler
Abraham son of John Baker
Elijah Baker
John Baker
John Baker Sr
Judia Baker
Henry Ball
Morgan Bangs
Joseph Barber
James Barfield
John Barfield
Mills Barfield
Thomas BArfield
William Barfield
Joshua Barnett
William Barnitt
Sherrod Barron
James Barrow
Sharrod Barrow
Simon Barrow
Taylor Barrow
Joshua son of Wm Barwick
William Barwick Sr
Francis Beaman Jr
James BEaman
Woody Belcher
William Belk
George Bell
William Benson
Francis Benton
Joseph Benton
Elias Bergeron
John Bergeron
Benjamin Best
Benjamin Bird
Joshua Bird
Nathan Bird
Nathaniel Bird
Richard Bird
Thomas Bird
Mary Bond
William Bond
Francis Boring
John Boron
John B Brand
James Bridger
William Bridger
James Bright
Margaret Britt
Sarah Britt
John Brock
William Brock
Benjamin Brown
Daniel Brown
James Brown
John Brown
Nelius Brown
Samuel Brown
Elizabeth Bruton
Isabel Bruton
Joseph Bruton
Thomas Bryan
William Bryan Jr
Abraham Bush
Bibby Bush
Thomas Butcher
Elisha Butler
William Butler
Elizabeth Butts ~ Widow
Stephen Cade
Waddell Cade
John Cail
Spencer Caldwell
Shadrack Campbell
William Campbell
James Cannon Sr
John Cannon
Edward Carter
John Carter
Benjamin Caswell
Martha Caswell
Martha Singleton Caswell
Col. Martin Caswell
Col. Richard Caswell Jr
Maj. Gen. Richard Caswell
Brig. Gen. William Caswell
Roger Cawley
Vincent Chance
David Charlescraft
John Charlescraft
Levi Charlescraft
John Clark
John Coart
Jesse Cobb
James Collins
John Cooton
Ann Widow of Wm. Coward
Edward Coward
Edward Coward Sr
Elisha Son of Wm Coward
Frederick Son of Wm Coward
James Coward
James Son of Wm Coward
John Coward
Needham Coward
William Coward
Andrew Cox
Herman COx
John Cox
Moses Cox
Moses Cox Sr
Ezekiel Creech
John Creech
Charles Creel
John Creel
John Creel Sr
Thomas Creel
Hardy Croom
John Croom
Joshua Croom
Major Croom
Major Croom Jr
Thomas Dail
Delijah Daniel
John Daniel
Sarah Daniel
John Dauch
Waller Dauch
John Daughety
David Davis
Hickabud Davis
James Davis
James Davis Jr
Joseph Davis
Joshua Davis
Martha Davis
Mary Davis
Thomas Davis
Windall Davis
Joel Dawson
Thomas Dawson
Edward Deal
William Deal
Daniel Dennis
David Denny
Jeremiah Desmond
John Desmond
Murphrey Dickson
Daniel Dillahunty
John Dillahunty I
John Dillahunty II
Samuel Dillahunty
Solomon Doughety
Elisha Downing
George Downing
Joseph Downing
John Dreding
Arthur Duc
John Dukes
Walter Dunn

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