Dobbs County 1780 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1780 census in Dobbs County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

© April 2008  Diane Siniard. These pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization. Non-commercial organizations desiring to use this material must obtain the consent of the transcriber prior to use. You may however use the information in your own research.

Surnames E-H

Henry Easterling
William Easterling
Frederick Ecols
Joh Edmondson
Benjamin edwards
Cullin Edwards
Mary Edwards
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Son of Tho. Edwards
William Edwards
Jacob Ellis
John Ellis
Joseph Ellis
Edward Erwin
Francis Erwin
John Erwin
Richard Erwin
William Erwin
Benjamin Exum
Thomas Faircloth
William Faircloth
William Faircloth Sr
John Fanning
William Felps
John Ferrell
William Ferrell
Brittle Fields
Moses Fields
Austin Floyd
James Folknor
William Folknor
Henry Forrest ~ Estate
Elisha Freeman
John Freeman
Reuben Freeman
John Galloway
John Garland
Amos Garris of S Hampton Va
John Son of Amos Garris
Lazarous Gatling
Thomas Gatling
David George
Hardy Ginn
James Glasgow
Joseph Gluton
Daniel Gooding
Henry Goodman
James Goodman
Lewis Goodman
Mary Goodman
Timothy Goodman
David Gordon
William Grace
John Graddy
John Grainger
John Grant
John Gray
Lodwick Gray
Drury Griffin
Evan Griffin
Jacob Griffin
Jesse Griffin
Samuel Griffin
Simon Griffon
William Griffin
George Grimsley
Sherrod Grimsley
John Grimsly
Thomas Grizzard
John Hall
Burwell Hall
Joseph Hall
Poole Hall
John Hamilton
Sarah Hamilton
William Hamm
Epaphroditus Hanks
Mary Hanks
Mott Hanks
Benjamin Hardy
Lamuel Hardy
Thomas Hardy
Alexander Harper
Francis Harper
Francis Harper Sr
William Harper
Elizabeth Harrell
Joseph Harrell
John Harris
Joseph Harris
John Oxley Harrison
Micajah Hart
Moses Hart
David Hartsfield
John Hartsfield
John Hartsfield Jr
Paul Hartsfield
John Hartsfield Jr
Paul Hartsfield
Paul Hartsfield Jr
Matthias Harvey
Willouby Hawkins
George Hay
Reuben Hay
Mason Hearn
Mark Heath
John Hemby
John Henderson
Armwell Herring
Edward Matchet Herring
James Herring
John Herring
Joshua Herring
Samuel Herring
Simon Herring
Stephen Herring
Thomas Herrington
John Herritage
Briggs Hill
Levi Hill
Richard Hill
Robert Hill
James Hindly
Joseph Hindly
Isaac Hines
Aaron Hinson
Jeremiah Hinson
Jesse Hinson
Joseph Hinson
Jesse Hix
Thomas Hix
William Hix
Francis Hodges
John Hodges
Joshua Hodges
Richard Hodges
Joseph Holladay
Samuel Hooaday
James Holmes
Jesse Holmes
John Holmes
Simon Holmes
Timothy Holmes
Hymerick Hooker
William Hooker I
William Hooker II
Andrew Hopkins
James Hopkins
Everitt House
Samuel Howard
Daniel Howell
John Hudson
John Hudson Jr
Thomas Hudson
Thomas Hughs ~ Quaker
Henry Hullet

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