John & Benjamin Shepard ~1786

    This information is contributed by Carolyn Shank

    Source: Colonial Records
    Written: 1786
    From Colonial Records Vol. 18
    22 Nov. 1786
    JOHN SHEPARD and BENJAMIN SHEPARD of Dobbs and others accused of fraudulent 
    practices in procuring accounts to be passed by the Commissioners for 
    Liquidating Army Accounts and on passing the same have obtained certificates 
    and received money from the public Treasury to the great injury of individual 
    s as well as manifest fraud to the State... Resolved the Sheriffs of each & 
    every county take in possession all the horses and negroes belonging to 
    persons of their counties... for having been guilty of fraudulent practices 
    and detain the same until such persons are discharged by lawful authority.

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