John Rouse vs James Skipper ~1791

    This information is contributed by Sloan Mason

    DEPOSITION-Court Record: John ROUSE vs. James SKIPPER
    1 Aug. 1791-Dobbs County, N.C.
    Copied by Martha Mewborn Marble, with permission of " Heritage Place" at
    Lenoir Community College.
    Abstracted by Sloan S. Mason
    File: ROUSE: 18863-40
    Donated by Joseph EVANS
    State of North Carolina
    The Deposition of John ROUSE addressed His Excellency the Governor sets
    forth that some years past he purchased a tract of land patented by
    Theopholus BAXTOR, also a Tract of land patented by James SANDOR?, lying in
    the County of Dobbs on Ground Nut Creek which lands were ever supposed to
    have joined each other that he hath and those under whom he claims have for
    many years been greatly and peaceably possessed thereof that about three
    years passed he rented a part of the aforesaid lands to James SKIPPER who
    hath since run out the said land on the most private manner under a warrant
    for a tract of land entered by Nathan BIRD on the other side of the  Creek,
    when in fact your Deponent actually entered the land and on buying? the
    lines the Surveyor could find no vacant land, he therefore prays your
    Excellency to Suspend the Execution of the Grant until a trial be had
    thereon agreeable to Law.
    Sworn to this
    9th May 1791
    before J. GLASGOW, SS.
    Signed: John ROUSE
    State of North Carolina
    I hereby suspend the Execution of the Grant of the within described land
    which please? To certify to the County Court of Dobbs that a trial be had
    between the parties according to Law.
    Given under my hand the 7th Day of Aug. 1791.
    To the Hon'ble James GLASGOW, Esqr.
    Secr. Of State
    Alex. MARTIN

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