By Dee Long, Edgecombe County area Chairman

The surnames listed below are those who lived in the Lost Colony. Some of them married Croatan/Hatteras/ Matamuskeet Indians:

Alligood, Ange, Archard, Armstrong, Austin,

Barber, Barbour, Barrow, Beasley, Bennet, Berry, Blount, Boyd, Bragg, Bridger, Bright, Brooks, Bryant, Buck, Butler,

Cahoon, Cain, Carawan, Caroon, Carron, Carrow, Chapman, Chavis, Cherry, Collins, Cooper, Cox, Crisp, Croom, Cuttler,

Daniel, Darige, Dixon, Durrance, Durrant,

Edwards, Elks, Ellis, Evans,

Farrow, Forbs, Fitspatric,

Gaylord, Gibbs, Griffin, Gurganus, Gurkin, Jerkins,

Hardison, Harris, Hassell, Harvie,Hawkins, Hedgepath, Hill, Hodges, Hudson,

Jackson, Jennette, Johnson, Jones,

Keys, King,

Latham, Leary, Lower?, Long, Lucus,

Mackey, Mann, Mayo, McCoy,Midgette, Moor, Mullins,

Nicholson, Nichols, Norman,

Padgett, Pain, Paramore, Patrick, Payne, Perry, Phevens, Philpatrick, Pierce, Pinkham, Pollock, Powell, Pugh,

Respass, Ricks, Rollinson, Russell,

Salter, Sawer, Scot, Shephard, Simmons, Smith, Sparrow, Spenser, Squires, Stevens, Stilman, Sutton, Swann,

Tan, Tarkington, Tetterton, Thomas, Tom, Toms, Tuley, Turner

Viccars, Wallis, Wahab, Warren, Waters, Welch, White, Williams, Woolard, Wyles

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